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Transient Parking – The Park VNY is situated on nearly 30 acres of aviation property at Van Nuys Airport so we have ample storage space for transient parking whether you are coming in for 1 night or 30 days. Our pilots lounge has a house phone with direct access to rental car services, so you could literally park and have a car waiting for you in Van Nuys. Contact us today to secure a space for your trip 818-834-1085.

Self Service Fuel – The Park VNY features the only Self Serve fuel pump at Van Nuys Airport. With 100LL fuel available at an affordable price, The Park VNY is the lowest cost AVFUEL provider in the valley.

Wash Rack- Slated for completion by December 2015, The Park VNY is home to a wash rack capable of handling an 80-foot wingspan. Our washrack will be state of the art and take water conservancy into concideration to both help our pilots maintain a clean aircraft, and preserve the environment and our precious resources.

Pilots Lounge- The Park VNY will host three pilots lounges each with WIFI access and air conditioning to escape the heat of the warm LA summer days.  Open to both tenants and transients during regular business hours, our pilots lounges will be the go to place for airport info, an escape from the elements, and a great meeting place to discover your next chance at adventure in your aircraft.

Picnic Area – The Park VNY has dedicated space for flight pattern viewing directly adjacent to the Bull Creek Flood Control Chanel. Known as the picnic area, our outdoor propane bar b q is available for our tenants to enjoy the facilities with their family. With clean and comfortable outdoor seating the picnic area is a perfect place to meet the kids for lunch mid day, or have a quick bite before your flight.

Picnic Area

Secured Premesis- The Park VNY features state of the art security with electronic access gates, 24-hour video surveillance, and private electronic operated door locks on all hangars. Add in the fact that Van Nuys Airport is patrolled 24 hours a day by the LAWA/LAPD officers and one can easily see why The Park VNY is the safest option to store your private aircraft.

On-Site Flight Training – The Park VNY is home to many operating flight schools and private flight instructors. Whether you are taking your first discovery flight, or are training to obtain your Instrument Flight Rating, The Park VNY has access to the people you need. Check out our community section for more information on the based flight schools and instructors.

Sense of Community –  The Park VNY is specifically designed to provide a sense of community to both pilots and our non-aviation neighbors. With beautiful architecture, a clean environment, and design characteristics to help limit the sounds of the airport on the local communities The Park VNY is a perfect place to feel a part of the history of Van Nuys Airport and its surrounding community.

Terminal building and Restaurant – As part of Phase Three of The Park VNY, our terminal building will feature a 2,000 sq ft restaurant and over 20,000 sq ft of office space that will cater to both the aviation and local non-aviation communities. With an upstairs aircraft viewing area, those unfamiliar with airplanes can discover flight for the first time. Spend a few minutes in our terminal building and who knows… you might just find someone to take you for a ride!

Terminal Landscaped2