The Park VNY is a premier aviation community catering specifically to propeller aircraft operators at the world’s busiest general aviation airport.


Built on approximately 30 acres located at the northwest corner of the Van Nuys Airport, the four phased construction project called “The Park VNY” is officially complete as of January 2022. Our property features Hangars, Tie-downs and Office Facilities for up to approximately 270 Propeller aircraft and related businesses.

We¬†feature approximately 115 newly constructed hangars ranging from 42′ x 35′ up to 100′ x 160′. We are also home to 76 grandfathered, owner occupied portable hangars which were relocated from various short term leases for the final time onto a 27 year locked in spot at Van Nuys Airport. A General Aviation Executive Terminal Building sits at the old entrance of the Air National Guard and includes a Restaurant, Flight Shop, Rental Car Services, Full Service FBO, and Full Service/ Self Service Fuel Amenities.

We also host approximately 45-55 Tie-downs, and over 30 of our hangars have offices for aviation related businesses to find a home within The Park VNY. With over 300,000 sq. ft. of hangars and related support structures, there is be plenty of room to find a home at The Park VNY.

The Park VNY is home to the VNY Prop Association and plays host to their monthly Community Display Days. Designed to welcome the community of Van Nuys to a functioning and visually appealing airport facility, The Park VNY aims to bridge the gap between the loud and often times difficult atmosphere of a large airport and the community friendly and welcoming aspect of general aviation.

At The Park VNY you can find an executive businessman standing along side a young adult ready to take her first flight lesson. Come make your home at The Park VNY today, and if you are just stopping off on your trip to somewhere exotic, feel free to stop over and experience the hospitality and friendliness of Van Nuys Airport, the Busiest General Aviation airport in the United States!